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Algae Green Clean | GLEAN

Algae Green Clean | GLEAN

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  • Concentrated formula. Dilute the product 1 part GREEN CLEAN with 5 parts water and use a standard garden spray applicator.
  • Coverage - 100-300m2 Per 5 Litres
  • WET IT - FORGET IT - WON'T REGRET IT: No need to rinse. Simply apply GREEN CLEAN across the whole area and leave the product to work over time.
  • FOR USE ON ALGAE: Reaction times may vary, but for the majority of 'Green Growth' results should be seen within a few days of application.
  • FOR USE ON MOSS: Thoroughly saturate the surface ensure the product comes into contact with the surface it's attached itself too. After a few days the moss will turn brown and curl up, detaching itself from the surface.
  • FOR USE ON LICHEN: Apply the product twice, waiting 15 minutes between applications. This will ensure the product reaches the lichen' inner layer.
  • Not only does GREEN CLEAN leave your surface clean and free of growth, but it also remains active to prevent premature recontamination.
  • Suitable for use on: Wood, Natural & Man-made Stone, Roofs, Tarmac, Concrete, Block Paving & any other surface that comes into contact with rainfall!
  • No scrubbing, brushing, rinsing or pressure washing required.
  • Made In Great Britain
GLEAN Green Clean Algae Remover has a specially developed formula that provides an all in one application treatment of algae & other growths that is suitable for cleaning patios, driveways, tarmac, block paving, roofs, fences, conservatories, tennis courts, cladding or any other outside surfaces that is exposed to rainfail. GLEAN Green Clean kills and removes Algae as well as Mould, Lichen, Moss and Black Spot, leaving surface clean and free of growth.

Simple to apply, simply dilute as specified and then spray on the area to be treated, using a garden sprayer and leave to work. No need to scrub/brush/wash off - simply Wet it and Forget it!

Once applied, the treatment remains active and prevents regrowth.
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