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Grout & Cement Residue Remover | GLEAN

Grout & Cement Residue Remover | GLEAN

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  • SUITABLE FOR: Terracotta, Porcelain, Ceramic Tiles & Acid Resistant Stone
  • EASILY REMOVES: Rust Stains, Limescale, Grout Residue, Cement Residue, Saline Efflorescences & Other Post Installation Deposits
  • CLEANS: Suitable for removing heavy deposits, whilst providing a deep clean at the same time
  • SAFE TO USE: Does Not Discolour Or Cause Damage To Grouting
  • COMMON USES: Saline efflorescences from terracotta | Eliminates lime-scale from floors, showers, bathroom fittings | Detergent for end-of-installation washing | Helps to remove signs of engobing on ceramic and porcelain tiles surfaces | Removes post-application deposits and building-site dirt.
  • COVERAGE: Terracotta (1:5) 10m²/20m² per litre | PorcelainTiles (1:5) 40m² per litre | Natural Stone (1:5/1:10) 20m²/35m² per litre
  • DO NOT USE: On polished marble or materials that are sensitive to acid. Before use on this material, carry out a test on a small surface.
GLEAN Grout & Cement Reside Remover has a specially developed formula designed to break down and remove grout and cement residue and film, leaving a clean streak free surface.

Simple and easy to use, it is highly effective at removing tough staining and marks such as rust stains, limescale, salt efflorescence and other installation deposits.

Ideal for Kitchens, Bathrooms, Floors, Patios, Etc.

Available in 1 Litre & 5 Litre containers
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