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Black Spot Remover | GLEAN

Black Spot Remover | GLEAN

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  • REMOVES BLACK SPOT & ALGAE: Powerful formulation removes stubborn black spot, lichen, moss and stains from all hard surfaces
  • PATIOS/DRIVEWAYS/PATHS: Multi-surface application can be used on natural stone, concrete and porcelain and paving
  • CLEANS & REJUVENATES: Cuts though dirt grease and grime, leaving pathways, patios and driveways looking their best all year round
  • FAST ACTING, EASY APPLICATION: Apply the pre-mixed solution, directly to the surface and leave to absorb for 2-4 hrs. Rinse off thoroughly once completely soaked in. Do not apply to surfaces recenetly saturated with rain or if rain is due during application time.
  • EXCELLENT COVERAGE: Typical coverage - 25m² per 5 litre. This may vary, depending on nature of surface and application method

GLEAN Black Spot Remover's powerful formulation removes black spot, lichen, moss and stains from all types of patio paving including natural stone, concrete & porcelain paving. The ready to use, deep cleaning solution can be used directly on a wide range of outdoor surfaces, including patios, driveways, paving slabs to keep them looking their best all year round. Breaking down stubborn, unsightly dark spots, GLEAN Black Spot Remover gets to work straight away, removing dirt and stains, leaving a clean, rejuvenated surface.

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