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Glass & Mirror Anti-Fog Cleaner | GLEAN

Glass & Mirror Anti-Fog Cleaner | GLEAN

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  • PREVENTS FOGGING: Specially developed formula which prevents the fogging/misting of all glass & plastic surfaces
  • PROTECTS SURFACES: The Anti-Static properties keep your surfaces free from dust, leaving them cleaner & clearer for longer
  • STREAK FREE CLEAN: Highly effective cleaner, leaves your glass & mirrored surfaces streak free
  • SAVES TIME: No more waiting for mirrors to de-mist, allowing immediate use for activities such as shaving, make up, hair drying, etc
  • HOW TO USE: APPLY to the surface | WIPE clean using a cloth | REAPPLY a second coat to the surface | LEAVE the final coat to dry and you're surface is protected!
  • Made in Great Britain

The premium formulation prevents the 'fogging' of glass and mirrors, making it ideal for use in the bathroom. The excellent de-misting properties provides long lasting anti-fogging protection on all glass and plastic surfaces. The anti-static cleaning properties, not only cleans the surface, but actively keeps them clear and clean for longer.

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