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Poo-Foamari Before-You-Go Toilet Spray | GLEAN

Poo-Foamari Before-You-Go Toilet Spray | GLEAN

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  • PREVENTS ODOURS - This Before-You-Go foaming formula, creates an odour resistant barrier against the smells that lurk beneath the water.
  • CLEANS & REFRESHES - Not only does it trap odours and leave a refreshing fragrance, the unique formulation helps clean the toilet bowl, leaving it sparkling clean
  • PREVENTS MARKS & STAINING - Whilst you're busy doing your business, Poo-Foamari is also hard at work, helping to prevent those tell-tale marks!
  • REMEMBER THE 6 P's – Poo-Formari Pre Plop Prevents Pungent Pongs!
  • Made In Britain

GLEAN Poo-Foamari has a specially developed foaming formula that creates an odour proof barrier, trapping bad smells beneath the surface of the water, leaving a clean, fresh fragrance.

Poo-Foamari’s unique foaming action, not only prevents pongs, it also helps prevent the tell-tale marks that can be left and leaves your toilet sparkling clean and ready for the next visitor.

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