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Rattan Furniture Foaming Cleaner 500ml | GLEAN

Rattan Furniture Foaming Cleaner 500ml | GLEAN

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  • POWERFUL FOAMING ACTION: Tough on dirt, but gentle on furniture our foaming cleaner is designed to penetrate and lift away stubborn dirt and grime from your rattan furniture
  • EASY APPLICATION: The aerosol spray format ensures easy and even application, reaching every nook and cranny of your rattan pieces
  • DEEP CLEAN: The foaming cleaner provides a comprehensive clean, restoring the natural beauty of your furniture with minimal effort
  • MULTI-USE: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor rattan furniture, it is safe to use on most surfaces, making it a versatile solution for all your cleaning needs
  • CLEANING POWER: With ample cleaning capacity, our 500ml spray allows for multiple uses, ensuring long-lasting cleaning performance
  • ALL SEASON USAGE: Suitable for use all year round, it helps keep outdoor furniture looking great

Revitalize your rattan furniture with GLEAN Rattan Furniture Foaming Cleaner. Our specially formulated cleaner combines a powerful foaming action with an easy-to-use aerosol spray to effortlessly remove stubborn dirt and grime from garden furniture. Ideal for bringing your outdoor and indoor rattan pieces back to life, the powerful cleaning action ensures a thorough clean, leaving your furniture looking refreshed and vibrant.

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