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Sticky Stuff Remover Gel Spray | GLEAN

Sticky Stuff Remover Gel Spray | GLEAN

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  • REMOVES STICKY RESIDUE: Eliminates sticky residues effortlessly from multiple surfaces. No more scrubbing or scraping!
  • EFFECTIVE ON MOST STICKY RESIDUE: Versatile formulation removes stubborn deposits: tape, label residue, tar, grease, chewing gum, make-up, and adhesives.
  • MULTI-SURFACE APPLICATION: Works on glass, wood, metal, plastics, worktops, doors, furniture, paintwork, appliances and tiles.
  • NON-DRIP FORMULATION: Unique gel consistency allows for easy application on vertical and inverted surfaces. No drips or runs!
  • PERFECT FINISH: Restore surfaces to their original condition effortlessly
  • EASY TO USE: Simply spray on, leave to work and then wipe off

GLEAN Sticky Stuff Remover Gel Spray, the ultimate solution for tackling stubborn deposits on various surfaces. Say goodbye to sticky tape, label residue, tar, grease, chewing gum, make-up, and adhesives with this powerful gel spray.
With its unique formulation, GLEAN Sticky Stuff Remover effectively removes even the toughest residues from glass, wood, metal, worktops, and tiles. This versatile product effortlessly eliminates sticky messes, restoring surfaces to their original condition.
Thanks to its gel like consistency, this spray can be applied effortlessly to vertical and inverted surfaces without any drips or runs. Whether you're dealing with residue on a window, a piece of furniture, or a countertop, GLEAN Sticky Stuff Remover is your go-to solution.

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